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The ABA’s Abdication of Responsibility: Winners (Law Schools and The Bar Cartel) and Losers (Law Students) in the Rule Abandoning the LSAT (and Any Testing Requirement) for Law School Admissions

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20 Years of Law School Admissions and LSAT Prep—And Running

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LSAT or GRE for Law School: Not an Easy (or Cost-Free) Choice for Law School Applicants

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Law School Employment Data: What to Trust When There’s No Question of Trust

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LSAT Unbound: Cap Removed on Number of LSAT Attempts, Is That a Good Thing?

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Number of LSAT Takers Jumps Sharply: Who’s That Good For?

• July 19, 2017 • 1 Comment

LSAT Annual Testing Dates Increase in 2018-2019: What the Change Means (So Far)

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