Advise-In Solutions has a single mission: to help serious law school applicants maximize admissions, financial grants and aid, and career potential. Advise-In Solutions is a premium, comprehensive teaching and advising service designed for today’s very difficult law admissions and employment markets.

Advise-In Solutions operates solely one-on-one with its clients: no classes, groups or generic advice. Advise-In Solutions accepts a limited number of clients each year so that you receive strictly individualized attention and advice on:

LSAT (by far the most important determinant of admissions and financial grant opportunities). Preparing you for the LSAT with an unparalled system, personal attention and teaching expertise.

Application Advising. Navigating the application process, and formulating the application plan that maximizes your individual admission, financial assistance and grant opportunities.

• Long-term perspective. Using your application to expand your career opportunities after law school.


Your LSAT score and application package are the highest-impact investments you can make now.

• Your Prior Investments. You have already made significant investments in your law school application, including your education, and other job, service and time investments.

• Your Best Investment Now. Even if you have another term or year of school remaining, you can increase the value of those prior investments only on the margin. No class, semester or year of grades and activities is likely to influence your admissions and financial grant and aid opportunities as much as your LSAT score and shaping what you have already done into a top-flight application package.

Advise-in Solutions: A Wise Investment

• What We Do. From the LSAT to deciding which law schools you should apply to and the best presentation to admissions committees, Advise-In Solutions provides the highest quality, one-on-one systematic preparation and advice specially tailored for you and your goals.

• Why Now. The significant difference in career flexibility and earnings potential that law schools afford their graduates, combined with the high cost of all law school education and a potentially difficult post-law school employment environment, mean that your highest LSAT score and best application package are more important than ever.

Contact Advise-In Solutions at info@advisein.com for a consultation

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