T’was the Night Before the December LSAT: A Few Last-Minute Reminders

If you’re taking the December 2013 LSAT, here’s a brief recap of advice on what you should you do (and not do) in the days leading up to the exam. Remember – keep it simple, and don’t panic!

First: you should not do anything radically different than you’ve been done in prior weeks. Cramming is not effective for an exam such as the LSAT, for two main reasons. One, doing your best on the LSAT demands you be comfortable with, and confident in, the techniques that you’re using (to answer each type of LSAT question). Frantic cramming, change in schedules or loss of sleep tend to decrease your confidence (not to mention increasing discomfort and the likelihood of self-distraction during the test itself). Two, if you haven’t been following a solid program that gives you such confidence, you can’t fix that in the last two or three days before the test. You should not be overhauling any area of your preparation. The most you might do in the week prior to the exam is fine-tune some content- or focus-techniques.

One day before the test, review LSAC’s rules carefully (if you haven’t already). They’re available here. You should have your exam-day “pack” ready at least 24 hours before the LSAT. This will help ease your mind on test day, when you will need to focus on plenty of other things.

Best of luck! And for discussion of more tips on staying focused before and during the LSAT, you can check out prior entries here.

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on December 2, 2013.

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