Zeroing In on Your Résumé: Lessons from the Internet Age, Part III

Today’s post continues with pointers for keeping your law application résumé focused and strong, with a little help from modern social media lingo:

  1. Gamification – not just for Foursquare. Show, don’t tell—that’s what you’ve been told a dozen times from résumé experts. But what does that mean, really? Well (at the risk of stretching this metaphor way past the breaking point), think about it like digital badges. Instead of describing only what you were expected to do (i.e., cold job description), show them what you achieved.I often see this as an issue with résumés. With any job or activity, the responsibilities that you had are something that schools should know, but they tend to just sit there. The key is what you accomplished—emphasize the quantifiable achievements.

    Let’s use an example: what matters is not that you “worked as a high-school teacher for X years”. What you need to make clear is, e.g., you taught 600 kids over 5 years, and their state exam scores were among the top X% in the state. Or maybe scores rose from the time you started by X percent. Or perhaps you were given increasing responsibility for curriculum design that other teachers at your level were not.

    Were you a leader or manager of a committee or job? Don’t just list “Manager”—tell them how many people you supervised. Tell them what the group achieved under your leadership.

    Law schools are conservative—they want people pre-certified as excellent. That’s why academic honors, promotions, and other quantifiable achievements matter. So, make it easy for them: make your “badges” clear on your résumé.

This concludes our “internet age”-inspired résumé tips. But for more in-depth discussion of the topic and tips for making your law school résumé shine, you can find more here.

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on October 31, 2013.

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