Zeroing In on Your Résumé: Lessons from the Internet Age, Part II

Today’s post continues with pointers for keeping your law application résumé focused and strong, with a little help from modern social media lingo:

    1. Avoid spam. The same way you filter out or ignore email messages that start with “FWD” or use the same old sales tactics over and over, try to avoid overused “buzz” words in your résumé. This may seem counterintuitive—after all, if you have a limited number of words to use, don’t you want every word to have maximum impact? Why not pick really catchy ones? Well, does every claim of “must-see TV” make us want to stay glued to our sets? No. The more you (and thousands of other applicants) use a word, the less effect it’ll have. They become empty calories in a lean, mean résumé.

      Even though in our current daily culture, advertising and even menus (Organic! Grass-fed! Slow-roasted!) are all about the “buzz” words, I would point out that this is because they want to prevent the reader from thinking (and instead, to trigger action). Your résumé, on the other hand, should provoke and convey thoughtfulness, and make an admissions officer want to know more about you. If there’s anything on your résumé that you can’t discuss intelligently, then strongly consider eliminating it.

    2. Watch for Potential 404’s.  Are their red flags in your résumé that might prompt an admissions officer to pause? Think about it from law schools’ perspective, keeping in mind the four key hashtags in our previous post. Does something on your résumé seem to run counter to what they’re looking for (“404 Not Found”)?

For more in-depth discussion of these and other resume tips, see previous posts here. Next up: what to focus on when describing jobs on your law school resume.

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on October 28, 2013.

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