A New Resource for Advise-In Solutions LSAT Clients: Over 50 LSAT Prep Videos

Last month, we released a few videos on You Tube (you can find them by searching for Advise-In Solutions at youtube.com) and noted we’d soon provide full panoply of LSAT prep videos for Advise-In clients.  That project has come to fruition, I’m glad to say (and also relieved, since my website designers, video editors and I are a little winded).  Yesterday, Advise-In Solutions launched a client-only portion of the Advise-In website with over 50 LSAT prep videos (over 10 hours of material) to which each of my clients will have free on-demand unlimited access.  The videos include, at an introductory level, everything anyone would ever want to know about the LSAT.

I hesitated a little to do this project.  My father, who passed away several years ago, told me a story once about when he first wanted to learn how to use his ATM card at a community bank.  The bank said it would be happy to train him but really preferred that he not use it, since the bank liked to see and talk with its customers (as you might guess, that was a long time ago).  I had a similar quandary with this video project.  The hallmark of what Advise-In Solutions does is customized, individual work with my clients.  But sometimes, more is, well, more, and I ultimately decided that as long as the videos were a supplement to, and not a substitute for, my clients’ and my intensive one-on-one work, they would make Advise-In’s LSAT programs even more effective.

The videos include the place of the LSAT in law school admissions, LSAT foundations (including especially Advise-In’s emphasis on simplicity and preparing with one day—exam day—constantly in view), practical introductions to the LSAT and each of its sections, LSAT techniques and dos and don’ts in studying for the LSAT.  Over half of the videos are step-by-step practical illustrations of how to do individual types of LSAT questions. Since I don’t outsource any teaching or advising to temporary employees or those looking for a little money on their way to law school but who may or may not have any real teaching ability or commitment to students, all of the videos were done by me (I’m hoping my clients won’t get too tired of watching me—but that’s what the “stop” button is for).

Some of these videos will be released publicly in the future—I’d have loved to have gotten those out a little earlier but (unlike my internet vendors), current clients are my first priority, prospective clients and the public my second.  The public videos won’t include the detail that my client-only videos do (and in many cases, the client videos won’t be public) but they will provide a lot of free help with LSAT preparation for those who aren’t in a position to use Advise-In’s programs. 

I’d also thought of doing some admission and application videos, and there’s some of that in the videos I did.  But I ultimately decided against a full-on set of videos, simply because there are really very few general rules for law school applications and admissions that haven’t already been discussed in one way or another on this blog—almost everything else depends entirely on each individual’s situation.

Of course, I’m thrilled to provide another resource to help each Advise-In client obtain her or his best LSAT score and law school admission and financial aid opportunities.  I also want to express my deep appreciation to Nikola Dević and Anne Gwynn (on the video side) and Carl Lorentzen (for redesigning Advise-In’s website).  Their efforts have been tremendous and they have my thanks.

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on July 21, 2011.

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