“Your Best LSAT Prep: What You Need to do Beyond Practice Tests”: LSAT Prep Video

Another installment in Advise-In’s new video series is “Your Best LSAT Prep: What You Need to do Beyond Practice Tests.”  On this blog, I’ve discussed the importance of focused practice.  It’s not enough—and can hurt you—to simply take one practice test after another without careful analysis of your results and disciplined focus on specific issues that arise in the course of your practice LSATs.  There’s a lot of cognitive research that shows why simply repeating practice isn’t sufficient and it’s also common sense.  We’re not down with Allan Iverson, who famously dissed the importance of practice; if you always thought (as I did) that he should have been a better player than he was, the sarcastic comments about meaningful practice underlined why he fell short of what he should have been.

The video talks about the importance of focused practice from a less research-laden perspective and also gives guideposts for how to set up a meaningful LSAT practice program.  Setting up and continually adjusting a meaningful program—and keeping it on course—is one of the crucial things that I do for each Advise-In client.  Unless you and your advisor are attentive, on a real-time basis, to your changing strengths and weaknesses and know how to address them in a way that works for you individually, all the practice in the world won’t help as much as it should because you’re not focusing on the right things at the right time.

So, I hope the video helps give a little direction in establishing a meaningful LSAT program, which isn’t “just practice” (to quote Allan Iverson) but is concentrated practice that will build momentum for the day you actually take the LSAT.

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on June 17, 2011.

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