More Thoughts on a Healthy Diet for Your Résumé and Interviews: Advice from a Longtime Law Firm Partner

A few days ago, I posted a blog about empty calories in law school personal statements and résumés and strongly advised that applicants remove such meaningless fluff from all documents in their application package.

I received a very helpful e-mail from a former partner in a large international law firm.  He noted that one of the major functions of a résumé—most often in applying for a job but also in some law school applications—is to get to an interview at which you can really shine.  His view is that, unfortunately, many résumé writers don’t envision that stage well enough, or at all.

He’s interviewed hundreds of people over the years for law firm positions that are difficult to get, so I’m pleased to pass along his excellent advice.  He says,

“Good advice would be to edit every word of one’s résumé and destroy every one of those words you indicated in Empty Calories and then some (anyone who uses the word ‘proactive’ should be pilloried anyway).

Next topic: taking your résumé and playing interviewER—read it, highlight it, and think about what you would ask as interviewer.  Then play the interview in your head: ask and practice answering all those questions.  If there’s anything on your résumé that you can’t discuss intelligently after practicing, then strongly consider eliminating it.  (I think that visualization practice for interviews — not unlike what athletes do — is very important.)”

Terrific advice.  Many thanks!

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on December 21, 2010.

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