Training to be a Soccer Star, LSAT Training

LSAT PreparationThe U.S. made the Knockout Round!  That should continue Americans’ intermittent interest in soccer (sorry, “football”) for a little while longer.  A New York Times Magazine article by Michael Sokolove analyzes how soccer stars are made in Europe and why the system there seems to work better than it does here.  I’m sure he’ll take it all back if the U.S. wins the World Cup (what are the chances?).

Among Sokolove’s points:  successful systems don’t overtire their players or play too many games—they focus on practicing techniques with precision and limit the amount of time their players play.

Sound familiar?  If you’ve downloaded Advise-In’s free white paper or been reading this blog about the how to do your best LSAT preparation, it should.  I’ve talked about the importance of being fresh for exam day, the problems created by excessively long preparation, the need to keep your techniques simple, etc.  And for some of the same reasons as Sokolove details in his discussion of the Ajax club in Amsterdam—you’re preparing for a career (hopefully a long one) that is peppered by a series of individual events (like the LSAT).  Those who spend too much capacity too early don’t have enough left for when it matters, and those who didn’t prepare for the truly important events in a focused, targeted way likely will be bested by those who did.

~ by Kyle Pasewark at Advise-in Solutions on June 24, 2010.

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